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Wilde About Wellbeing

Jan 16, 2020

When did you last doubt a goal, and changed it simply because you'd convinced yourself it was impossible?

This is where our limiting beliefs are coming into play, and getting in the way of us making plans for our future. They're insidious little things: we don't always know they even exist! 

I share in this episode my...

Jan 10, 2020

I've been thinking about all I've achieved in 2019, with the podcast, with my relationships, with my physical fitness, with my mental health. There are a lot of 'wins'. 

I share how I'm feeling about going into 2020, and all those fears around not achieving enough over the last decade. Here's a secret: a LOT of us are...

Dec 17, 2019




All of the above - and more 'non F' words?

Yup, me too! This time of year can be HARD, and that's why today's podcast is all about how to thrive during this time. I've shared my tips on everything from money management, to gift giving, to social anxiety, and MORE!

Hope this helps you to have a...

Dec 10, 2019

"You are NOT the victim". Those words have brought an incredible amount of CLARITY this week: not because I was being a victim (that was just someone's opinion), but because it made me realise I'm nothing LIKE a victim anymore.

Remember: sharing our pain does not make us a victim; telling someone how we feel does not...

Dec 4, 2019

I've been journal-phobic for most of my life. Writing seemed like something that wasn't for me - almost a bit too self indulgent.

But I've been practising journalling, since finding SO MUCH scientific research that supports it for managing mood, lowering blood pressure, and even helping prevent criminal re-offending.